Providing quality eyewear that meet global standard is our utmost mission.In order to reach this mission, we set up the first complete TAF standard lab in Asia.With this setup, our clients can count on us to speed up their new development and, in the meantime, shorten the lead time of products that hit the markets.

Testing Equipment

  • Resistance to Fogging Tester
  • UV/VIS/NIR Spectrometer
  • Refractive Power Test
  • High Velocity Impact Tester
  • Transmittance Tester
  • Optical Power Tester
  • Polarized Tester
  • Prismatic Power Tester
  • Stress Tester
  • Distortion Tester
  • Diffusion of Light Tester
  • Mini Dioptometer
  • Resistance to Surface Damage         by FineParticles Tester
  • Resistance to Ultraviolet
  • Radiation Tester
  • Resistance to Ultraviolet               Radiation Tester